10 top tips for making the most of 4G for business

The way we work has changed dramatically. Our focus no longer has to be on where we work, or what time we log on and off each day, but on being as productive as possible anytime and anywhere. After all, success can come from an early morning call or a late train ride home.

When you also consider a staggering 65% of UK bosses say that they just can’t keep up with the pace of change in markets today, and 57% say their inability to respond quickly is the biggest threat to their business, then you start to understand the importance of 4G*.

But how can it actually help your business today? Here are 10 top tips to help you get the most out of 4G.

See how 4G can help you be a Ready Business

Work from anywhere, literally

1. You don’t have to be tied to your desk to be productive

If your job takes you outdoors, you could take advantage of your new 4G coverage by creating a 4G hotspot. By using the Internet connection on your mobile phone, you can easily create a mobile hotspot for your PC allowing you to access the internet and work from wherever you are and continue being productive. This gives you the tools you need to work while on the train or in a café. You can also remotely access your office PC using Remote Desktop Protocol, without interruption.

2. Take advantage of the mobile cloud

The days of returning to the office to back up mobile devices are well and truly over. With 4G, small businesses can automatically back up their documents, images, settings and address book whenever and wherever they are. As a result, free cloud applications like Google Drive that allow you to instantly access your work while on the move are growing in popularity.

3. Unleash the benefits of flexible working

One of the benefits of remote working is it allows employees to maximise time during the office commute or avoid these journeys altogether. With 4G, they are able to connect and work at a moment’s notice and organise their time in a way that suits them. One report estimates that, with 4G, the average worker gives five hours more per week to the job*, and over 70% of workers on 4G said it improved their job satisfaction and work/life balance*.

Get your business up and running, faster

4. Set up a new location instantly

Getting to market quickly is crucial for small businesses especially when competing with larger businesses, yet many have to wait for a fixed line connection to be installed before they can begin trading properly. Through 4G mobile technology, new businesses no longer have to have an office space. They can easily be set up from a person’s garage or the comfort of their home or café. All that is needed is a reliant, good quality and robust mobile connection to make calls, deliver service and share files through the cloud.

5. Benefit from high-speed connectivity

If your business has branches in regions with poor Internet infrastructure, switch your Internet provider to a mobile broadband provider offering 4G coverage. The faster, more reliable and resilient your Internet and phone coverage is, the better your business is. High-speed Internet is not only essential for Internet-based businesses and e-commerce websites, but it gives you access to information – empowering you to make more informed decisions.

Connect with colleagues and make quicker decisions

Successful businesses need to make decisions quickly, and not just because the competition could be making those decisions quicker than you.

6. Face-to-face video conferencing from anywhere

With 4G coverage, you can make high-definition, clear video calls that are blur and buffering free. 4G mobile broadband allows employees to set up a conference room wherever they are with their phone. Use the HD camera and the 4G service to broadcast your call back to the office. Others can attend the conference at the office or from their own 4G cell phones using a video chat app.

7. It makes working together easy

With Google’s Remote Desktop app for Chrome, accessing a PC or Mac from any Android device is easy, and doesn’t require installing any clunky desktop software. The connection and collaboration of your business can be improved dramatically.

Provide better service, on demand

8. Respond faster to customers

The Internet has put the balance of power firmly in the customers’ favour. The faster data speeds of 4G enable you to respond quicker and engage with customers more effectively. Employees using 4G have increased access to information and can share and download files quickly. For example, estate agents can download property plans and details and review them instantly with their clients, rather than waiting to send them over a fixed line connection back at the office.

9. Make your business more attractive to customers

Videos and photos really improve online visibility and can help small companies bring the human element of their business to life. 4G’s superfast upload speeds mean small businesses can instantly upload engaging videos to Twitter, Google+, Facebook and YouTube.

No compromise security

10. Choose 4G over Wi-fi at the corner café

The problem when joining an unencrypted Wi-fi network in places like an airport or coffee shop is that the data you’re transferring is unsecure and your computer can be remotely exploited. The enhanced security features of 4G, such as user authentication and identity protection, offers a more secure experience than the existing 3G or Wi-fi, so you can do confidential business with confidence.




4G: Compatible device required. Limited Coverage. See vodafone.co.uk/coverage.

*Source: Fit To Change report, 2012.