6 reasons why you need to start hiring Centennials

Forget Millennials, Centennials are already reshaping the future of business. Adapting your workplace to welcome them could be the key to your success.

This guide will help you to understand this new generation of employees and provide tips for how you can prepare for their arrival and create their ideal working environment.

The workplace is more intergenerational than ever before. The latest generation to make the jump from education to employment are Centennials (also known as Generation Z), born between the mid 1990’s to early 2000’s. Many experts agree that growing up in a purely digital age made technology a way of life for Generation Z. They rely on it, chase tech-trends and are the quickest adopters of anything new. So, it’s no surprise that they’re bringing this outlook to business and shaking things up. The question is, how can you help them drive your workplace towards success?

Here are 6 ways Centennials are changing and benefiting the workplace:


1. Communication

Centennials are digital natives; they are able to apply their knowledge of technology to their workplace and make internal communication easier and quicker, especially through collaboration apps like G-Suite and Workplace by Facebook.

2. Productivity

They are tech-hungry, which means they are more likely to adopt the latest technology at home and at work, and create a productive and efficient working environment.

3. Innovation

Being a DIY generation, they value innovation. They believe access to technology, engagement with emerging apps and a passion for all things creative will change the workplace for the better. Doing something because that’s the way it’s always been done is the quickest way to turn off a Centennial.

4. Flexibility

They are the new mobile workforce; they thrive in a workplace that gives them the freedom to say how, where and when. Where possible, why opt for the standard 9-5 when they could create a working arrangement that supports their life outside of work?

5. Transparency

They appreciate a friendly environment where they have a relationship with their senior team. They trust their team to mentor them throughout their careers and so, inspire a sense of honesty in the workplace.

6. Success

Their competitive nature means Centennials want a purpose-driven position that will help them to reach success and fulfilment for themselves and their employer. This doesn’t mean celebrating mediocrity, but enabling growth and recognising positive change.

One of the stand-out characteristics of Centennials is their curiosity; a characteristic that is being fuelled by technology. When you grow up having all the information in the world at your finger tips, it makes experiencing new things a normal part of everyday life. Encouraging their natural desire to seek out new possibilities could transform the workplace on many different levels.

79% of small business leaders believe their company has an advantage over larger competitors because they can carry out processes more quickly, which is great for attracting Centennials. With these simple tips that help you prepare for the new generation of employees, you could join these business leaders and drive your business towards a more futuristic way of working:


  1. Keep your technology updated and be aware of emerging tech to reassure Centennials you’re innovative and open to change, whilst boosting your efficiency.
  2. Create a collaborative workplace by introducing apps and programs that allow communication through many different devices and channels.
  3. Build a community that allows them to feel part of a bigger picture; one that is focused on real relationships and sustainable practices. Offering feedback and engaging in open conversation will prove you value different opinions.
  4. Give the new generation room to grow and allow them to explore their entrepreneurial nature. By thinking beyond their job description, they’ll develop independent thinking and feel more engaged and loyal to you and your business.

More than any other generation, Centennials live and breathe technology. As they take their first steps into the workplace, are you ready to meet their tech-expectations? It’s time for business owners to recognise and embrace the positive impact this digital generation could have; they have the potential to disrupt the workplace forever, in the best way possible. Adapting to a digital world will make you ready for anything.