How much could a day without your mobile phone cost your business?

If you’re running a small business, chances are your mobile phone is never far from your hand. Today’s successful small businesses depend on mobile technology to keep them constantly connected. Colleagues, suppliers and existing customers expect you to be contactable at all times. What’s more, new business can be won or lost simply on how quickly you deal with an enquiry.

So as a business, finding yourself phoneless could mean serious amounts of cash down the drain. In fact, new research has revealed that losing access to a crucial mobile phone, even for as little as one day, could cost the average UK small business as much as £12,000*.

This research, conducted by YouGov for Vodafone UK, surveyed the senior decision makers of more than 1,000 small businesses in Great Britain with up to nine employees. They estimated that, on average, they would miss out on almost four new business opportunities in a working day if their work mobile were out of action. And the average value of those opportunities was more than £3,000, according to the respondents.

For most small businesses, losing potential income on this scale would be seriously bad news for their bottom line. And with 5.1 million small businesses in the UK, such a loss in small business productivity would affect our economy.

A mobile phone: your top tech asset

A whopping two-thirds (67 percent) of small business owners and employees who took part in the survey claimed their mobile phone was vital to do business. So losing it, or finding it damaged or out of action, could mean real problems.

What would be the worst thing about losing your work mobile or having it out of action? In the YouGov survey, 48 percent of people said the most important information on their work mobile phone was the customer phone numbers and contact details they could access. The next most vital function that people mentioned was the ability to write and receive emails on the move (21 percent).

Clearly, today’s small businesses are all too aware of how important their mobile phone is to the successful running of their business. So how come more than half of them (55 percent) haven’t got insurance for it?

“It’ll never happen to me”, you may think. In fact, one in five business owners reported that within the past year, they have lost their phone, damaged it or had it stolen. Statistically, this suggests that in the next five years, your chances of dropping your precious phone down the toilet, leaving it on the seat of a cab or losing it to a light-fingered thief on a crowded train are higher than you might wish. Food for thought.



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