ANYCommunications balance business and home life

Antony Worsley is an international telecoms professional with wide experience working for some of the world’s leading mobile network operators, internet service providers and mobile device manufacturers.

After almost a decade living and working in Australia and the United States, Antony wanted to come home to the UK and fulfil his ambition of launching and operating his own telecoms company. The result is ANYCommunications, based in South Wales, with a mission to help predominantly smaller businesses to get the very best out of their investment in telecoms.“I chose to locate myself and my business in South Wales for a variety of reasons, one of which was the enormous number of small businesses that operate here, they make up the vast majority of the local economy,” explains Antony Worsley.

Great deal

“It was clear to me that there was a gap in the market for a telecoms consultancy business
that provided objective and impartial advice to small businesses about what products and services might suit their needs, and then helping them to make an informed decision.”

“My impression was that small businesses’ main contact with a telecoms supplier was when there was a ‘great deal’ or offers on products. “A vendor would be offering, on the face of it, a substantial discount on mobile phones, but, once the deal was done, that would be the end of the contact until the contract was due for renewal or another ‘great deal’ was on offer.

There was little ongoing support or effort to forge a proper relationship with the customer.“I was determined not to follow this pattern. Making the most of telecoms is a fundamental requirement for any successful small business. ANYCommunications helps our customers to avoid making short term, expensive mistakes that result in scrapping systems and starting again. “Instead, with some experience, expertise and forward planning, we can make a big difference, both financially in terms of minimising costs and in terms of enhancing the quality of the service that our customers can deliver by having the right devices, functionality and network connectivity.”

As a business start-up itself, ANYCommunications was a perfect testing ground when Antony was assessing which would be the best telecoms platform for his own business, both for immediate needs and accommodating future growth.

Accessible and connected

He selected Vodafone One Net Express, a complete, cloud-based communications system that connects desk phone, mobiles and voicemail, ideal for small businesses who need to be accessible and connected, whether they are in the office, on the move or working remotely. Employees can pick up calls anywhere and mobiles become virtual landlines. Whichever number a customer calls they are instantly rerouted to the person they are trying to contact. Simple upfront costs make budget planning clear and unambiguous and easy to administrate.

“In the early days of ANYCommunications I needed new and potential customers to be able to see how well my own communications was operating, in order to be the trusted advisor that I was seeking to be. So it was very important that Vodafone One Net Express delivered and it has and continues to do so.

“I spend a lot of time networking and meeting potential customers and they often ask me what system I use. With Vodafone there are solutions available which help to address specific local and regional issues such as Sure Signal, which helps to boost connectivity in some of the more isolated and remote locations in Wales. As an independent, impartial advisor our role is to guide customers towards the right solution for them, irrespective of which organisation’s network, products and services that solution originates from.”

“Telecoms should be a business driver, not a cost centre, enabling small businesses to be agile and responsive. It certainly is for my business and working closely with Vodafone has enabled me to develop a competitive edge and to grow not just my own business – but those of our customers too,” concludes Antony.