Dave Allan

Dave Allan

Dave is an entrepreneur, passionate innovator and co- founder of ?What If! with Matt Kingdon. Dave loves helping world-leading consumer goods companies grow new businesses and develop organisation-wide strategies for innovation. His belief is that winning businesses of the twenty-first century fuse the adventure, experimentation and commercial nous of the startup with the efficiency and power of the global corporation. Dave has backed this belief with hard cash, investing ?What If! funds and resources into new ventures in partnership with ?What If! Clients.

A country boy by birth, Dave inherited a love of words from his English teacher mother and business from his accountant father. He escaped the UK to study economic development in Japan and Chile before finally settling at Unilever, first in marketing, then innovation, helping start Unilever’s first European innovation group.

Dave lives near Bath with an artist wife and precocious son who rates his slight involvement with the creation of KFC Chicken popcorn his best innovation to date.

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