Land Rover parts distributor Bearmach improves responsiveness

“I’ve always been involved with cars, I’ve loved cars from a very early age.” says Commercial Director for Bearmach, Graham Payne. Founded in 1958, Bearmach distributes Land Rover parts and accessories all over the world and now exports to over 130 countries. To many dedicated owners of these iconic vehicles, the name of Bearmach has become synonymous with the Land Rover marque, contributing to its legendary status as a rugged, virtually indestructible work horse.

“Our business has grown rapidly in recent years and mirrors the enduring affection that Land Rover owners have for their vehicles” says Finance Director, Julian Burgess.  With the car industry changing drastically in the last 5 years, communication is more important for companies likeBearmach than ever before. “Communication in our business is key, without our communication system we don’t have a business” says Graham.

“Many of our people are on the move, operating remotely, visiting customers or suppliers, some of them overseas. We also now have five separate locations, including a 125,000 square feet facility in Caerphilly, South Wales, and so we needed a modern telephony system that reflected these developments and where the business is going,” explains Julian. With Vodafone One Net Business, Bearmach’s desk phones and mobiles were integrated into one system, allowing staff to be more responsive within and outside the office. “One of the big benefits for us is, if someone is on the phone, the call bounces to the next person who can pick that call up so customers aren’t waiting,” shares Graham. “We’re happy that we have a partner who takes care of our communications for us, and we can concentrate on selling parts.”

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