The most secure Android phone is here to help your business

The iconic business phone is back and it’s more secure than ever. We found out about it from Logan Bell, TCL Communication Ltd.

“The business person’s friend is back.” BlackBerry has always held a special place in the hearts of people who do business. The functionality, the security features and slick design made it the obvious choice for anyone who wanted to work harder, stay safer and make the right impression.

Well, the phones you knew and loved are gone, replaced by something bigger, brighter and bolder, but still retaining the iconic BlackBerry features you know and love. That’s right, the keyboard is back.

There have been a lot of changes though, including the biggest battery on a BlackBerry phone… ever. So, you get 26 hours of mixed use – watching videos, calls, emails – it’s an all day battery. It’s ideal for remote workers who are always on the go. If you’ve ever been in a situation where your battery is dying and you can’t find a plug for a quick charge then you’ll definitely appreciate it. And assuming you do manage to drain the battery, the Qualcomm Quickcharge 3.0 feature charges the KEYOne up to 50% in just 36 minutes.

Becoming more productive is a huge driver for businesses of all sizes. This is a phone that’s got productivity built in from the ground up. Each of the 26 keys can be independently programmed, so you can press ‘C’ to compose your email or ‘B’ to immediately start calling your business partner Ben. Plus, the keyboard can also be used like a trackpad to interact with your screen, which you can see in action in the video below.

Staying productive while you’re travelling for business is a big issue too. It’s a fact of life but accidents happen when you’re out and about and trying to keep working when you’ve got a cracked screen can be impossible. That’s why there’s an incredibly strong and resilient anodised aluminium frame with a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 screen. It’s resistant to impact and scratches and looks fantastic.

In addition to keeping the outside of your phone secure, what’s inside is being looked after too. The BlackBerry KeyOne is the most secure Android phone. The chipset is encrypted while it’s in the factory, meaning no one can tamper with it before it reaches your hands. Factor in monthly patches, the always on DTEK security app and the Privacy Shade App (which means only you can see your screen), and you’ve got a phone that’s ready to keep your data safe.

BlackBerry wanted to create a phone that showed off the proud heritage of the brand while updating it with the modern and security features to make businesses ready for anything.

BlackBerry KEYOne available now on the Vodafone network.