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These three priorities are changing the face of business

You might not realise it but there’s a group of business experts championing the cause of entrepreneurs on a global scale. Here’s what their priorities are.

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Who’s watching the watchers?

Our world is being driven by data. But, who’s taking the wheel? What does it mean for the individual? For the business? We reveal all.

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Growing pains for Britain’s mid-sized businesses

Ambitious though they are, the UK’s mid-sized businesses are being held back from significant growth in the immediate future by…

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Building a stronger & fairer London through collaboration

The London Community Foundation (LCF) connects people who need help with those…

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busy local government office, delivering public services through partnerships with charities

Enhancing public services through partnerships

Strong public services are one of the foundations for a healthy and thriving population. Making sure a high standard of…

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Charities & the Public Sector

For the public sector, collaborating with charities offers many opportunities. After all,
the State is the ultimate…

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Education, Stack of books, pencils and apple. Technology can change the way schools teach students in the future.

A blend of tech and tradition is best for schools

Digital technology doesn’t have to completely replace established teaching methods to improve how lessons are taught, projects are managed…

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Accelerating the nation’s digital revolution

Baroness Lane-Fox is an internet pioneer and a campaigner for increased and more entrenched adoption of online technology…

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Social media tips for small businesses to connect with customers

Some top tips for Governments to get social with citizens

Social Media and the ‘hyper connected’ nature of people today presents a brilliant opportunity…

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M2M: How local councils can cut costs

Rise of the machines: A future the public sector can’t ignore

Analysts are unanimous: The Internet of Things is going to reshape the way our public services…

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