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DreamLab: The app fighting cancer while you sleep

What if you could help fight cancer with your mobile phone? With Vodafone Foundation’s DreamLab app you can – and all while you’re asleep.

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How your business can help people back into work

Many people who put their careers on hold for a time, often to care for loved ones, find transitioning back into work challenging – but there’s a lot that employers can do to help.

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The event that’s helping women back into work

In March Vodafone hosted a careers fair at its Newbury headquarters as part of ReConnect, a recruitment programme for returners, people wanting to come back to work after a career break.

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When a business competitor becomes a collaborator

In the past, collaborating with a competitor was considered illogical. But, in today’s world, it’s crucial to driving innovation and long-term success.

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Flexible working starts with a change of culture

Flexible working can transform your business. After all, technology makes…

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Better space makes for Better people

Organisations like Google and Lego are renowned for offering different office designs to improve their peoples’ performance…

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It’s time to get serious about innovation

According to Vodafone research, 93% of businesses want to become more innovative in…

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A new era for construction

Global spending on infrastructure is set to top £12 trillion over the next five years, according to IHS Global Insight…

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How to build a happy, healthy workforce

In today’s fast-pace working world, competition for the best and the brightest employees is fierce, meaning businesses have to…

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Virtual Reality is hitting the mainstream

2016 will be the year virtual reality (VR) goes mainstream. Although the technology has existed for decades it has…

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