Steal of the century: The story of Snatch

Founder and CEO Joe Martin describes Snatch as “an augmented reality treasure hunt.”

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Why cashless payments are a win-win for you and your customers

Cashless payment technology is revolutionising the retail world for one very simple reason: it’s great for business and customers alike.

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Cash is dead – long live the card

If you want to grow your business and retain customers, having a streamlined payments system is key. Here’s how you can pick the best fit for your business.

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virtual reality, business, samsung, smartphones, small business

Smartphones are changing the way SMEs work

Vodafone’s latest Perspective series report on how smartphones are fuelling businesses uncovers some fascinating…

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virtual reality, head set

Virtual Reality is changing how businesses talk to their customers

Watch Henry Stuart, CEO at Visualise and Jason Lovell, senior product manager at Samsung discuss the huge opportunity virtual reality…

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small business

Top tips to get your business ready for Small Business Saturday

We’ve pulled together a few quick tips to help you get digitally ready and make the most of Small Business Saturday this year.

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How geolocation can boost sales for small businesses

Online searches involving the term “near me” increased by a factor of 34 between 2011 and 2014, with the vast majority coming from mobile.

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location, based, apps, technology, retail, customer experience, customer service

How location technology is revolutionising business

Location-based technology has been around for a number years, yet businesses are constantly finding new…

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Why the on-demand economy is big business

The on-demand economy is thriving thanks to new technology. Start-ups are finding new ways to connect with their customers and…

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shaving equipment, bespoke, online, subscription, disrupting industry, men's grooming

Disrupting the industry one shave at a time

Cornerstone is an online store selling men’s shaving products on a subscription model. Our proposition is to offer…

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