Charities & the Public Sector


For many charitable organisations, the public sector is a vital partner and source of funding, helping them to help those in need.

For the public sector, collaborating with charities offers many opportunities. After all, the State is the ultimate provider of many critical public services, and partnerships with charities can expand both their reach and impact.

This report is based on online surveys of 175 strategy leaders in public sector and charitable organisations. It reveals how these collaborations are exploding as they look for new and innovative solutions to face the challenges of an ageing and growing population, combined with budget cuts.

Partnerships like these not only help to extend the reach of public services but also the quality and efficiency of their provision. Simultaneously, they help to build skills in the community.

Since the 1990s, collaboration has grown exponentially and seems set to continue. However, more thought needs to be given to measurement and establishing of KPIs. This is common practice in the private sector and now, given the squeeze on public expenditure and the pressure to deliver more for less, it’s crucial in the public sphere. What is a good return on investment? And what will success look like?

Meanwhile, third sector investment in digital communications is nowhere near the level it needs to be. Few organisations are utilising social media and other more innovative ways of keeping their service users up-to-date. With a rapidly rising– and ageing – population, intelligent and cost-effective use of technology is vital.

Overall this paints a picture where much is happening, with people from very different backgrounds putting their heads together to come up with innovative solutions. All against a backdrop of tough choices and severe budgetary restraint. It’s clear that those who succeed will be organisations who find ways to collaborate effectively through clear goals, shared values, and by embracing technology that aids communication between themselves and their service users.

In other words, charities and the public sector are stronger together.