Connected Nation – The digital impact on buying behaviour

There’s no denying that we live in an increasingly connected world. Super-fast broadband, smartphones, tablets and the number of social networks all continue to proliferate. 4G mobile internet has arrived in the UK and ‘enabling’ technologies like cloud computing and the ‘Internet of Things’ are finally on their way to becoming more mainstream.

Consequently, the picture of a ‘hyper-connected’ consumer has gained currency in the media and in organisations. But is this an accurate description of the average person in the United Kingdom today? Just how connected are we in reality? And, what does the reality of our connectedness mean for businesses in dealing with people – both as consumers and as employees?

If you’d like to know the answers to these questions, and discover the true state of play of connectivity in the UK, then Vodafone’s new Perspective series report, “Connected Nation” is essential reading. Combining proprietary research and learnings from experts in the field of digital connectivity, it provides practical and actionable insight and ‘top tips’ to help your business thrive in an increasingly connected, and complicated, world.

You can find a summary of our findings and download the report below.

REPORT: Connected Nation- The digital impact on buying behaviour
Download the full report which takes you through the research methodology, commentary from our contributors and advice for businesses looking to work more effectively in hyper-connected times.