A day in the life of a shopper

Find out what the latest tech trends really mean for consumers, businesses and the future of smartphones.

How often do you check your smartphone? Every hour? Every ten minutes? It’s probably in your hand right now. The point, smartphones have become part of how we live our lives, whether we’re consumers or running things behind the scenes at work or in our businesses.

So we’ve created an infographic following a day in the life of a shopper. By following the lady in red we’ll explore how consumers interact with the latest smartphone and tech innovations, and then how we, as businesses, can use them to improve the experience.

Just 27% of our communications happen in person, which begs the question, how can we stand out and grab attention 100% of the time?

We need to pick the right tech and use it the right way.

Unsurprisingly, 54% of the time we spend on smartphones is spent using apps, and 96% of internet-connected users use digital at some point in their buying journey. Now is the perfect time to review exactly what you’re doing to make your business digitally ready and how you can take advantage of the wealth of customers glued to their phones.

For example, 70% of buyers review 4+ pieces of content before they make a purchase. Does your business utilise content marketing across digital channels like social media? If not, you’re missing out on a chance to educate and persuade potential customers about why your products and services stand out above the competition.

There are some great insights into future tech that’s starting to break into the mainstream, like smart windows creating interactive store fronts, augmented reality giving us the chance to simulate in-person conversations over any distance.

Not only that, tech like this can be used to improve efficiency and productivity behind the scenes.

As we follow the lady in red into her day job as the owner of a small business, we can see how she uses data analytics to improve customer relations. If you can discover pain points and issues in your customers’ digital journey, you can make their experience more seamless and likely convert more sales.

It’s important to remember that technology can be used passively as well. 61% of business leaders say new tech makes people happier, smarter and enables growth. Real-time digital channels improve comms by 49% and decision making by 43%, which leads to a jump of 47% in efficiency.

Check out the infographic below:

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