How digitally Ready are UK businesses?


The pace of change in business has never been faster. As the digital revolution re-shapes the world, organisations must adapt quickly to the changing demands of customers, suppliers and markets.

But if you’re a Ready Business, you’re in the right place to take advantage of every opportunity.

For us being digitally ‘Ready’ means using digital tech to work efficiently and harness your full potential. It’s about liberating the people in your organisation – and giving them the tools and connections to deliver outstanding work from anywhere. It means putting your customers first so they enjoy a great experience every time. We know UK businesses take pride in looking after their employees and customers, but making sure we get it right isn’t always easy.

The Vodafone Ready Business Indicator

Helping organisations to assess their Readiness is what the Vodafone Ready Business Indicator is all about. Using the Indicator, you can put your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses under the microscope to see where you are today – and how prepared you are for the future. Click here to take part.

From November 2015 to January 2016, 4,239 members of the workforce, spanning public and private sector organisations of all sizes across the UK, took part. We’ve delved into the insights revealed and are delighted to now share some key highlights on the shape of UK Readiness, together with top tips on how you can become a Ready Business.

In this report we reveal which organisations are leading the charge as Readiness

Pioneers and uncover the drivers and constraints of Readiness that British businesses must focus on to prepare for the future.

But this is only the beginning. Over 500 businesses per month are still taking the

Ready Business Indicator, providing us with on-going and unique insights into how Readiness levels are evolving. Later this year we’ll return to see how the picture has changed: Will future Readiness levels have transformed into reality?

What industries and regions will emerge as tomorrow’s Pioneers? And how will potential political changes– such as elections for the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, London Mayor, local authorities and Brexit – change the face of the UK public and private sectors?

Find out your Readiness score and make sure your organisation is included in the next wave by taking part here.


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