Exploring attitudes towards risk

The recent flooding across wide parts of the country has reminded us that businesses of all types are vulnerable to sudden change. What’s more, in recent years the type of risks we face have changed both in their nature and our attitude towards them.

As business owners and managers we’re much more conscious of the threats faced and how they can hit us when we least expect. The riots of 2011 brutally reminded us of the unpredictable social, economic, political and environmental challenges of world in which we live.

The inter-connected, globalised world has made many of these risks more complex and the repercussions harder to predict. We are also only just beginning to emerge from an unprecedented and unpredictable global economic recession where managing risk became an organisational necessity and not just a priority – a critical business function that needs to continually evolve to meet these challenges head-on.

Our report ‘What if…? Exploring attitudes towards risk’ reveals some interesting findings on how businesses perceive and mitigate against risk. We hope you find our report and top tips helpful in keeping your business moving when things get tough.

REPORT: What if…? Exploring attitudes towards risk
Download the full report which takes you through the research methodology, commentary from our contributors and advice for businesses looking to work more effectively in uncertain times.