Working without boundaries in the ‘Fluid Society’

It’s widely accepted that the world in which we’re living and working is in a period of flux. Everyday things we view as ‘normal’ are being challenged. It’s an age where once rigid boundaries are breaking down and previously distinct elements of life are merging, both at home and in the workplace. We’re calling this the ‘Fluid Society’. Connecting these once distinct elements of life is technology. The internet has put a wealth of information within easy reach. Social media has made the customer experience public and e-commerce has pulled down barriers of entry for new competitors. The changing nature of the global business environment and how we choose to live and communicate in our personal lives, means that people want more flexibility and choice in not only where, but also how they work – and employers have realised the value in terms of employee productivity and talent retention. This latest report is based on an online survey of 611 senior decision makers from a cross-section of UK businesses. The Perspective series is designed to help businesses and public sector organisations find better ways of working. Researched independently, the report explores the biggest business challenges facing business today and provides new perspectives from independent thought leaders as well as top tips and downloadable assets. We hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing your views.

REPORT: The Fluid Society. Working without boundaries
Download the full report which takes you through the research methodology, commentary from our contributors and advice for businesses looking to work more effectively in changing times.