The art of making your time count

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy. There are 5.1 million businesses with nine or fewer employees in the country, covering a wide array of sectors. Each is unique with different goals and ambitions; some are hunting for rapid growth, some are geared towards providing a stable regular income, and others are run to provide their owners with a better work/life balance.

They all however share one thing in common: every day, every year, they need to stay competitive – by doing more and trying to respond to changing customer demands. That takes dedication and hard work: it’s no coincidence that the average small business owner works 52 hours a week (which is 63% more than a nine to five job); 15% work more than 12 hours a day; and 17% say they take no days off at all.

Time, clearly is a major factor in small business, and by minimising the time spent on admin and logistics, owners can put greater focus on more rewarding endeavours – or even take some much-deserved time off.

The hard truth is that we can’t do it all. Less really is more – the more selective you are with how to spend your time, the quicker you’ll grow your business. Make sure you’re only saying ‘yes’ to things that will add direct value to your business.

To help, we’ve compiled our latest infographic (below) to suggest some ways you might free up time to focus on what matters – and perhaps also save a few ££ along the way.

That leads us neatly on to Vodafone Business Premier, the mobile phone plan that has been designed solely with the needs of small businesses in mind. Providing unlimited UK minutes and texts and a range of super-fast 4G data allowances to suit your small business needs, it also features a number of unique perks.

There’s Prime contact, your very own UK based named advisor, who’ll sort out everything from setting up a new phone to answering bill enquiries. For those who do business overseas, there’s worry-free roaming, which allows you to take your UK data allowance, minutes and texts with you when you travel abroad. And finally and perhaps most interestingly of all, Vodafone Rapid, which with certain plans, will ensure any damaged phone is replaced within four hours, no matter where you are in the UK.

Check out our infographic packed full of time saving tips below and find out more about Vodafone Business Premier.

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