How future-ready is your organisation?

Most business experts would have agreed that we are living in a period of rapid change. The digital revolution, the changing demands of consumers and the austerity-driven policies of the current government were already contributing to a continually changing business landscape. And that was before Brexit.

Clearly, businesses need to be ready for anything. But what makes some organisations more adaptable than others? For a snapshot of the results, take a look at the infographic below.

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The Vodafone Ready Business Indicator is an online assessment that organisations can take to see where they are today, as well as how prepared they are for the future. It explores organisations’ future plans, as well as their current capabilities. In addition to giving each individual organisation a valuable insight into their strengths and weaknesses, the data they provide is contributing towards a fascinating picture of UK industry as a whole.

Using the data produced by over 4,000 members of the workforce who used the Indicator in the three months from November 2015, we’ve been able to reveal some key insights. You can read about these in full in the latest Perspectives series report, How Ready are UK businesses?’.

You’ll find the ‘Readiness Propellers’ – the traits and habits shared by the UK’s most adaptable and future-ready organisations, as well as the barriers that are holding back others. And from these, you’ll be able to begin to build a picture of how well placed your own organisation is to tackle the inevitable obstacles of the future.

And if you’ve not already, why not join the 500+ organisations who are taking the Ready Business Indicator each month. You’ll get your own personalised Readiness scores (current and future) out of 100% and be able to use the insights to shape your business’s evolution.