Great expectations in hard times: Citizen service beyond today

Improving customer service in the public sector is not only about improving the way your customer service department operates. Importantly, it’s also about how you deliver services in the community, in homes and on the streets.

The latest report in the Perspective series explores these issues and provides essential guidance for any public sector organisation that wants to understand what their citizens really want. It finds that while the standards and expectations of customer service are not likely to alter over the next 10 years – the way that people want to interact with your customer service operations will. Whether it be by phone, by email, online or through social media, this report sets out a blueprint for delivering excellent customer service in the future, with an examination of the timeless customer values that hold true for any age. It looks at how to make those values stand up in a brave new world of social media and increasingly tech-savvy customers, and provides expert insights and in-depth case studies from those on the front-line.

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REPORT: Citizen service beyond todayDownload the full report which takes you through the research methodology, commentary from our contributors and advice for public sector organisations looking to grow a customer service culture.
Towards a better citizen service future FIVE TOP TIPS: Towards a Better Customer Service Future Guidance and insights from our experts and contributors to help you maximise your organisations customer service experience.
Infographic INFOGRAPHIC: Getting Inside the Mind of the CustomerThe key statistics explaining customers’ perception of service and the importance of using a multi-channel approach.