How Vodafone help Datacom Recruitment grow their business

Datacom Recruitment are not a newcomer in the IT recruitment industry. With more than 30 years of experience in the sector, they have been able to adapt to a fast-evolving market and survive through various ups-and-downs in the economy. To expand their business, they were looking to grow their expertise internationally.

The game changer for them was Vodafone One Net Business which helped unify their landline, mobile and desktop phones in one cloud-based system. They’ve saved an impressive £24k a year, meaning they could recruit another consultant into the business. That alone will drive sales growth of another £200k a year. ‘It’s changed our business and it’s going to stay that way’ says Gill Vance, Sales Director.

Watch the story of how Vodafone help Datacom Recruitment be more responsive and grow their business.