Interactive guide to business travel

Discover the easiest way to do business abroad in Europe with our interactive travel guide.

Business travel in Europe is undergoing a lot of scrutiny. With Brexit negotiations, currently underway, it’s difficult to predict what might happen next and how it could affect small businesses.

What we do know are the facts, such as 92% of the UK based SMEs which sell overseas are selling to mainland Europe. The EU is our most popular destination for export.

More than a third of UK businesses are planning to increase their exports to Europe despite the uncertainty of Brexit.

What this means is that business travel is essential for building relationships and partnerships across the channel and into mainland Europe. Face to face interaction in these troubled times could be the difference between a resilient and beneficial trading relationship and a bitter disappointment.

So, we’ve put together an interactive guide on how to best prepare for business travel abroad, focusing on everything from the best cloud solutions for easy document retrieval to the right tech for your journey. While the recent travel ban on larger devices doesn’t currently impact on business travel within Europe, the uncertainty of the times we live in mean it’s difficult to predict or take anything for granted.

Click to get started and swipe or drag to explore the airport scene in our interactive guide. Just click where you see a radar pulse for business travel hints and tips that’ll make your next business trip a breeze.

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Note: Since this guide was posted roaming charges have been dropped across all EU countries – however not all European countries are in the EU, so please double check with your provider before travelling abroad.

When you’re prepared, you’re ready for anything.

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