Millennials breathing new life into the workforce

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SMEs are the beating heart of the UK economy: 99% of UK private sector businesses are SMEs, together employing 59% of the private sector workforce and generating 33% of UK economic output .

The rapid advancement of technology over the past decade has brought with it a host of new opportunities for SMEs to grow profitability from automating operations to engaging with a truly global customer base. But that’s not all. It’s also triggered changes to work culture and new employee expectations.

‘Millennials’ are now coming of age and ever more present in our workplace. They are the first generation to grow up as true ‘digital natives’; constantly connected to a plethora of technology at their fingertips. As they become employees, they bring with them a host of new skills, new expectations and new challenges for businesses to address.

In this report, we explore the impact Millennials are having on SMEs to reveal the opinions of HR managers tasked with bringing Millennials into the workplace whilst balancing the reaction from experienced employees.

Plus we also examine the expectations and ambitions of Millennials themselves, both those who have just landed their first jobs and those about to embark onto the career ladder for the first time.

Download the full report here