Millions of eyes on your logo

85 minutes of action with millions of viewers around the world watching your logo. It’s the sort of exposure most businesses can only dream of. But with the latest Vodafone prize draw, you can make it a reality.

One winner of this once-in-a-lifetime prize gets their business’s logo on both Vodafone McLaren Mercedes race cars for the duration of the 2013 FORMULA 1™ SANTANDER BRITISH GRAND PRIX on the 28, 29 and 30 June 2013. Add to that two 3-day Club Silverstone Grandstand passes to the Grand Prix™,
3 nights’ accommodation for two, a Car Park Pass, access to the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Paddock Hospitality and Garage and a photo with one of the drivers.

An amazing prize. An amazing business opportunity.

How to get your name out there

It’s no secret that getting your business known could be vital to its success, and winning this free prize draw would transform the reach of any business. But it’s also worth implementing a few more simple steps in the meantime that could help your business broaden its reach. Not sure where to start? This article is here to help.

Startup or small business; fast growth or cottage industry; the most successful and cherished businesses and brands make a name for themselves by being the fastest off the starting line and seizing every opportunity they see.

Others have found that use of clever and resourceful marketing techniques have worked wonders for their business. For BrewDog, a private brewer that was launched in 2007 with a team of two (plus one dog), the answer to their marketing conundrum has been well considered controversy. Stir up opinion, get a reaction and get lots of free column inches – simple. BrewDog first gained global fame for its attempts in brewing the world’s strongest beer, and later announced plans to host an amnesty for ‘bad’ beer where fans could trade in a can, bottle or more of their ‘lowest common denominator’ mass-produced beer for a BrewDog alternative. The result was that by 2012 they were the fastest growing food and drink company in the UK and now have 135 employees and 10 BrewDog Bars.

For startup Azimo, a social money transfer service, taking on a £10bn legacy industry is all about being social. People want to share. So they developed the world’s first social money service – enabling people to send money to their Facebook friends, no matter where they are in the world. This approach led to people sharing money, but also social mentions. Not only did this mean they reached their immediate audience, but it helped them amplify their brand. Despite being ‘just a startup’, the Azimo approach of taking their message to social media has brought them coverage in every publication from The Wall Street Journal to The Times and most recently saw them featured as the number one money saving app by The Guardian.

So in practice, how do you convert a thousand, even over a hundred thousand brand impressions into millions? It’s all about going viral – exposure on a global scale that you’d never usually be able to access through traditional means.

Did Psy expect 1bn views when he released Gangnam Style? Of course not. Did he give himself every opportunity to do well? The answer to that is yes. A slightly odd dance, catchy tune, unintelligible lyrics and hundreds of millions of people were happy. How can you translate that into business success? Easy; give your business the best opportunity for success at the lowest cost – reach your audiences before your competitors get the chance by seeking out opportunities for exposure and natural collaborations.

So, with that in mind here are Your Ready Business’s top three tips for getting more eyes on your brand:

1.) Every single day, up and down the country there are competitions and events being run for businesses of all sizes. These may not all be straight-up marketing opportunities but by entering you will get real opportunities to talk about your achievements and spread your message.
2.) A great way to reach your audience is by offering your goods and services as prizes for competitions. From major newspapers to village fairs, anyone running a competition is looking for prizes to give away and it’s great way to get your message shared.
3.) Become a content marketing guru and share your assets and opinions with anyone who wants to listen to you. Whether it’s a guest post on a blog or a comment for a local journalist, there are plenty of opportunities to talk about what you do and get your business brand some valuable coverage.

But don’t forget this other amazing opportunity we mentioned earlier. As a way of saying thank you to Vodafone business customers, we are offering you the chance to get your logo on both Vodafone McLaren Mercedes cars at the 2013 British Grand Prix.

All you have to do is read and accept the terms, enter your contact details and click ‘submit’.

And if that’s not seizing an opportunity to get your business known, we don’t know what is.


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