Enhancing public services through partnerships


Strong public services are one of the foundations for a healthy and thriving population. Making sure a high standard of public services reach those who most need them is vital. In fact, our recent Perspective series report on Strengthening Communities showed how a healthy population and trust in public services are two of three key pillars for strong communities.

However, the pressure on public services continues to mount, due to increasing demand from an ageing and growing population. Alongside this, cuts aimed at controlling the public spending deficit threaten to widen the gap between supply and demand.

As a civilised and progressive society, we have a proud history of providing valued public services. It’s important this isn’t compromised. Therefore the challenge for leaders is to find efficient and innovative ways to continue to provide these services.

One area that could be further capitalised on is to build stronger links between the public sector and charities. It’s a collaboration that is already working hard for our communities. It makes perfect sense! And at Vodafone we’re aware of how our wide range of public sector customers are innovating and adapting to cope with rising demand. We’ve also experienced the huge positive impact that charitable collaborations with private sector can make too, from JustTextGiving to the Vodafone Foundation.

We believe the opportunities for enhancing public service delivery through charity partnerships are huge. They can enable services to reach further, now and in the future.

I’d like to thank the public sector and charity leaders who have contributed to this report. Their insights have helped reveal how these two stakeholders can work together to continue providing the services vital to supporting and developing our nation. I hope you find this report engaging and thought-provoking.