Customer service beyond today

Few businesses will disagree that the modern customer is more demanding than ever. Thanks to the internet, and other emerging trends such as social media, customers are better informed and better connected than ever. But what does this really mean for customer service?

Does customer service matter as much as we’re led to believe? And if so, what does a business need to do to deliver great customer service?

What is the real impact of that ‘connectedness’ and how will this affect the way service is delivered in the future?

The latest report in the Perspective series explores these questions and provides essential guidance for any business that wants to understand what customers really want. Whether you are a small business on a tight budget, a public sector organisation trying to find the best way to achieve a transformational agenda or a large corporate striving to achieve results, this report guides you through the steps that establish a permanent blueprint for customer service success. It also discusses how you can also deliver excellent customer service in the future with an examination of the timeless customer values that hold true for any age, and a look at how to make those values stand up in a brave new world of social media and increasingly tech-savvy customers.

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