Time to get back to community

Time is the crucial success factor for front-line emergency services.  And success always comes down to clear lines of communication, getting to those emergencies in time and the bravery and responsiveness of those ‘heroes’ on that front-line each and every day.

Take for instance, West Midlands Police Force. They’ve implemented a special technology taskforce to look at everything from command and control, to the way they communicate and interact with the public. One particular challenge has been the effectiveness of their criminal conviction process. Police Sergeant Paul Turner says “The community we work in and serve want to see police officers available and not hidden away with paperwork”.

One chink in this criminal conviction process is when police officers are often called to give evidence in court. This takes hours commuting to find that in eight out of ten times, they’re not even required. Now with the Video Service for Government solution, it’s literally saved the force 1000s of man hours as officers can just pop into the ‘Live Link’ room each time they’re needed. It’s simple but effective. And just one of several similar stories that affect forces today.

In fact, Vodafone supports 77% of the emergency services in one way or another across a diverse range of services. You can see more case studies from South Yorkshire Police, Hampshire Constabulary, and West Midlands Ambulance.



So why focus on a great British institution like the emergency services? Aside from celebrating real heroes, the first of our brand new ad campaigns launches today, and you can see it right here. It features the Fire and Rescue Service, just one of a huge number of the UK’s emergency services that use Vodafone every single day. We’ve got some great behind-the-scenes footage here.

Speaking ahead of the launch of a new series of television adverts, Daryl Fielding, Vodafone UK Brand Director described how, “the uptake of smartphones has been a game-changer in the lives of our customers. We know how much more enabled customers are by using this technology, and how people are now taking it more seriously. I think what people are more interested in knowing that there’s a company behind their network that they can count on. One of strength and substance, and one that’s dependable.”