Samsung Galaxy S9: Reimagined for the way we work

The Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ smartphone is hitting the market – and these are the features businesses need to know about.

Everyone with a smartphone knows it’d be impossible to do without it. Losing your phone is like losing your computer, internet connection and social life, all in one go. And for businesses, the way work phones seamlessly balance work and life has never been more important.

So, with each new smartphone, the race is on to give businesses smartphones full of the tools they need to work the way they want. And with the launch of Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 and S9+, the market just got a lot more competitive.


It’s great for remote workers

The huge screen and curved display mean applications like Office 365 and Google Drive can be used effortlessly and efficiently. And, thanks to the phone’s long-lasting battery – without disruption. Never again will the red bar at the corner of your screen come between you and a high-priority email or document.

It’s tough and durable

The case is made of aeroplane-grade aluminium, which not only adds to the phone’s beautiful exterior, but makes it incredibly durable. And with the latest Gorilla Glass screen, your new Galaxy S9 smartphone is set up to survive inevitable scrapes and bumps.

It’s incredibly secure

The freedom of movement to work wherever you want, whenever you want is something a lot of businesses take for granted. But when you’re out and about your sensitive data is more vulnerable to prying eyes. So, for the first time ever in a Samsung device, there’s onboard iris and face recognition. This unparalleled security feature means, if your phone falls into the wrong hands, they won’t even be able to get passed the first barrier.

Better conference calls and audio visual

Samsung have amped up the camera to give you an incredible dual aperture. It works just like the human eye, adjusting to light so you can capture stunning images in any situation, and at any time of the day. This mean incredibly high quality images and super-clear Skype calls. And, with top of the line AKG speakers, you’ll be able to conference call from wherever.

Samsung have reimagined the phone, so you can reimagine the future of your business. Where will the Galaxy S9 and S9+ take you?