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The Data Trends Debate Part 2: GDPR Compliancy

In our second video of The Great Data Debate, our panel return to discuss the steps businesses can take to become GDPR compliant.

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Business leadership

Thinking about exporting? Here’s a guide to help you get started

macro, exporting, SME, small business, UK, start-ups,

Have you ever thought about exporting your goods or services abroad? There’s a huge potential for growth there, but many businesses find it a daunting experience.

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Embracing change

Bringing the human touch to AI

Spixii, chatbot, AI, investement

We spoke to Alberto Chierici, Co-Founder and CPO of SPIXIIi, the innovative chatbot company that’s transforming the way insurers talk to their customers.

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Embracing change

How an everyday problem became an award-winning start-up

digital bridge, virtual reality, home decor, app, tech, business, entrepreneur

New technology, like virtual reality and machine learning, is helping to fix everyday problems in the most surprising ways.

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Embracing technology

5 ways to grow with your local business community

business, local community, regional,

Building a company outside of London could be the best decision budding entrepreneurs could make. These simple tips will help you boost your regional business.

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Embracing digital

How this business is changing the world, one bank at a time

11Fs, tech, fintech,

What does it take to disrupt something as established as banking? We spoke to the team behind 11FS, the start-up that’s changing the world, one bank at a time.

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Embracing change

TOBi or not TOBi? AI is transforming the customer experience

chatbot, artificial intelligence, customer service, call centre

As companies look for new ways to meet rising customer expectations, some are embracing the potential of Artificial…

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