Tech explained: Business Broadband

Broadband. You’ve heard of it, use it and rely on it. But, is your current bundle allowing your business to run at a peak performance? There’s a lot more to Business Broadband than most people realise.

Since broadband’s launch in 2000, consumers and businesses alike have come to use it as standard, which is why its true value is often forgotten… until it’s not working.

Imagine if your internet connection dropped out, slowed down or fell victim to a cyber-attack. It would have a huge impact on your business; processes would come to a standstill, employees would be frustrated and customers would seek products/services elsewhere. With these possibilities, it’s fair to say that broadband isn’t just an add-on, it’s part of a business’s DNA.

But, did you know that broadband designed specifically for businesses exists? And no, it’s not a case of sticking the word ‘business’ in front of standard broadband. While it still provides access to the internet, Business Broadband has a unique set of capabilities and benefits, created with the needs of a modern business in mind.

Not just for the home

One way in which Business Broadband bundles differ from those offered to a home customer is they come with their own Service Level Agreement (SLA). This is a guarantee from providers that they’ll deliver a specific service standard, like a minimum speed, more line stability and a repair response time as quick as eight hours. For example, if your broadband isn’t running at the promised speed, your agreement may state that you’ll receive money off until it’s fixed. It may mean a blip in productivity, but at least your finances won’t suffer.

An SLA means your business has a broadband connection you can rely on. But, what if external factors jeopardise this reliability, such as viruses, phishing scams or hackers? In the last twelve months, over 40% of UK businesses suffered a cyber breach or attack, proving the scale of the problem, and how crucial a security strategy is. Thankfully, the best Business Broadband bundles come with built-in security features, which tend to be more comprehensive than home packages, and can be tailored to your needs. So, not only does it protect your business, it allows you to maintain a level of control.

What’s more, although broadband speeds vary depending on location, business owners have a range of options to choose from to achieve a faster connection. For example, there’s leased lines, which connect your business directly to the telephone exchange, so you don’t have to share the line with other users. And fixed wireless broadband, which doesn’t rely on a line at all, but radio signals. These options come with the benefit of increasing your broadband speed and the speed at which you run your business. Better yet, when you buy Vodafone’s Business Broadband and Phone and if you’re not in the office, you can divert calls from your landline to your mobile, so you never miss a call – or an opportunity.

With a Business Broadband solution, you’ll also receive a static IP address, which is a unique number that corresponds to your location. It’s essential if you want to run your own in-house services and perform simple tasks, like sending an email or transferring a computer file. Plus, if your business has more than one office or you encourage remote working, you could also opt for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) i.e. a private connection between multiple locations. A VPN allows your employees to access the same network from anywhere so they can work flexibly, without compromising their productivity.

Business Broadband is so much more than an internet connection. It’s a connection that brings a business and its community together so they can run things as smoothly and efficiently as possible. At Vodafone, we’re dedicated to solving your problems with this tech solution. Discover more about how we can support your business today.