Tech explained: The Internet of Things

Has your business adopted the Internet of Things (IoT) yet? Find out why you should be putting it at the top of your to-do list, and making it a possibility for your business today.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been changing the face of technology since before the Millennium, but it’s still causing a buzz as more and more capabilities are developed.

Despite this air of excitement, there are many myths associated with IoT that are making several businesses reluctant to adopt it.

For instance, with smart music devices, heating systems and fridges dominating the media, some business owners consider IoT as a technology confined to the home. Others think it’s too complicated, too expensive and too time-costly.

But, there’s a reason these considerations are called myths. In reality, IoT is as simple as connecting a smartphone to the internet. What’s so complicated about that? And, if it’s possible within the home, it’s possible within the office too.

In fact, almost two-thirds of businesses believe IoT is important right now, and over 90% believe it will be important to their future. So, isn’t it about time businesses – of all sizes and in all sectors – made this technology a reality? It could drastically change the way they run things for the better.

Not just a productivity boost

You’ve probably heard a dozen times that IoT can improve operational efficiency and productivity, but it’s so much more than this.

With capabilities like self-analysis, instant data sharing and seamless connectivity between digital technologies, IoT has the potential to make financial decisions on your behalf. For example, your IoT-enabled devices could sense when they’re not being used and enter sleep-mode to save energy and lower your bills. Setting devices up to communicate autonomously means you’re wasting less time, which in turn saves time and frees up your employees for more important tasks. Having extra cash and more time to focus on improving your business could make a huge difference over time.

With IoT, you could experience new-found control and visibility of your business premises too. IoT allows remote asset management, meaning you could control your office’s heating, lighting or security systems while on the go. So, not only could you have the flexibility to focus on your busy business schedule, you could ensure the comfort and safety of your employees.

You could also connect to your customers quickly and simply using IoT. It could act as your personal data collection point and help you to understand their likes and behaviour better. With this information, you could innovate your products and services to meet the needs of your existing customers and to spark the interest of new ones, which could see your business grow beyond expectations.

Essentially, IoT is the technology to make life easier for you, your employees and your customers. With these capabilities already firmly in place, and more no doubt on the way, are you ready to make it a possibility?

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