The Business Readiness Advantage

In a fast-moving world where the pace of change is accelerating, businesses of all sizes must be well-prepared for the future. But what does well-prepared look like? How many businesses really are prepared? And what can we learn from those which are?

With this premise in mind, we commissioned industry analyst firm, Freeform Dynamics, to undertake an extensive research programme within which more than 300 business and IT decision makers were interviewed across the UK.

The result is this report which highlights key criteria for organisations to survive and thrive as markets, technology and the expectations of both customers and employees continue to evolve. The term we use to encapsulate the realities behind this is ‘business readiness’, and we’ll demonstrate how a focus on the right readiness enablers can help to future-proof your business.

If you are involved in strategy, planning or investment decision-making for your company, business readiness is a term which we think you should be familiar with. This report will provide you with a good understanding of what it means for your business, and how you can exploit the ‘readiness advantage’ to achieve ongoing success.

This is one of a series of reports which examine the topic of business readiness – download below.

REPORT: The Business Readiness Advantage
Download the full report which takes you through the research methodology, commentary from our contributors and advice for businesses looking to work more effectively in changing times.