The new BlackBerry KEY2 is here

We went to the new BlackBerry KEY2 smartphone launch to talk to its creators about what makes this phone perfect for businesses.

BlackBerry’s back, back again. After the well-received BlackBerry KEYone hit the shelves last year, the next generation of the smartphone is back, and the BlackBerry KEY2 is improving on everything people loved. And more importantly it’s ticking the essential business boxes of privacy, productivity and longevity.

Before we take a more indepth look at the phone, here’s a rundown of the key features you need to know about:

• 4.5″ (1620×1080) display
• 12MP Dual Camera
• 8.1 Android Oreo
• 25+ hours mixed use battery life

Considering that BlackBerry is still designing products for the professional market, it’s unsurprising that the keyboard is still a point of distinction. This time around there’s been some changes, to back up the claim that the KEY2 has the most intelligent keyboard ever. The physical keys are 20% larger than the previous model and bevelled to provide that extra level of accuracy and comfort when you’re typing on the go. And there’s an all-new Speed Key, which allows you to activate any of the 52 customisable actions (from any menu). Other features include an integrate fingerprint sensor and the ability to swipe across the keys like a touchpad.

Other great producitivity features include the BlackBerry Hub, which can be activated at any time by swiping from the side of the screen and gives you instant access to your calendar, emails and any commonly used apps. There’s also an ability to gather all of your messages and various sign-ins in one place; everything from Gmail to WhatsApp and Skype.

Security is a huge concern to everyone, but when you’re using a smartphone for work (or even running your business off your phone), it becomes essential. The BlackBerry KEY2 is incredibly secure, with features that go beyond the standard offering of a typical Android device. ‘Locker’ is great for those who use their smartphone for personal as well as business, since it let’s you place files behind a password and onto the cloud.

‘Privacy Shade’ is another standout security feature; imagine not having to worry about people looking at your what’s on your screen on your commute. Just press a button and your screen is obscured to everyone except you. And finally, every device comes with BlackBerry DTEK, which slows you to view and improve your privacy level by monitoring who and what is trying to access your camera, microphone, location and information on the phone.

And let’s not forget one of the most impressive features: the BlackBerry KEY2 has 25+ hours of mixed use battery life. How many smartphones have you used that last two or three days on a single charge?

We were lucky enough to be at the launch event for the new BlackBerry KEY2 smartphone. Check out our interview with Bob El-Hawary, Senior Director at BlackBerry Mobile, and Logan Bell, Senior Product Manager at BlackBerry Mobile. Hear from the experts about how the BlackBerry KEY2 has been designed for business users.



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