The new rules of business

At Vodafone we believe the combination of today’s complex business landscape and the ongoing digital revolution is increasingly changing the way that we in Britain do business. To overcome these challenges and seize the opportunities that these changes create, we believe businesses need to be agile, are able to adapt and be ready for whatever the future may bring – in short, ready for anything.

We believe that this rapid rate of change has ushered in ‘new rules of business’, and that the old rules no longer apply as they once did.

What do we mean by new rules? Well, it’s pretty common knowledge that the proliferation of mobile connectivity and devices has created an ‘always on’ culture. Consumers demand better and faster services and in turn, employees demand flexible working. They want to be productive no matter where or how they work.

Businesses clearly face economic and commercial pressure. There’s a lot of competition and they need to be more productive. Traditionally they did it by cutting cost but now they must find a way to work differently.

Putting the customer at the heart of everything we do

Digital engagement is now essential for all businesses, whether a small corner shop or a large corporate organisation. We see this first hand with our customers at Vodafone who increasingly expect faster and more reliable products and services.  The technological landscape and fierce competition puts the power back in consumers’ hands and businesses are expected to deliver products and services almost instantly.

Communications technology is fundamental to any business operation that recognises this need to focus on customer experience. This translates simply into a ‘total communications’ approach wherein everyone and everything is connected. By integrating landlines, email and mobile phones onto one converged system, businesses can deliver a consistent, reliable customer experience, whether in-person, in-store, on the phone, online or via social media. In fact creating this “omni-channel” experience for customers is paramount to meeting the challenge set by the new rules of business.

If your business needed confirmation of this, there are some telling statistics from the Connected Nation report, Perspective Series, 2015. An incredible 77% of people with internet access described being connected as positively essential to their lives. And 86% of the people with internet access said it has made them feel more connected to the world around them.

The changing demands of employees

Our evolving demands as consumers are reflected in what we want in the workplace. In the Connected Nation report, Patricia Hind of Ashridge Business School describes this generation of employees as technologically savvy and knowledge-hungry, but their main reason for success lies in their ability to operate in complexity. These employees are excited by and thrive in this hyper-connected society.

The challenge for businesses is to recruit and retain these individuals. Businesses need to ensure they are geared up to meet and exploit these new demands, with the right technology, in the right working culture. After all, your employees are central to propelling your business forward.

Ready Business for a Ready Britain

Businesses and organisations need to be able to adapt quickly to the changes in their markets, customers, suppliers and world events – or risk missing opportunities. In short, in order to thrive they need to be ready, a Ready Business.

Being a Ready Business means being customer centric and giving your employees the flexibility they crave. This allows your employees to be more connected, productive, efficient and more importantly – happier.

Your customers, your employees and the way you operate are of course constant. Here the old rules apply. When we talk about what the future looks like for business, those rules are given a new spin with the ever-changing technology landscape. This technological complexity is hard to navigate without the right assistance, and that’s where we believe we can help you.

We believe any business can benefit from working with Vodafone, as a provider who can give you one solution that is flexible, scalable and can enable your business to become a Ready Business.