The rise of the home office

Increasingly we are finding that the request for a ‘home office’ is high on the list of priorities in our initial consultations with clients about their practical needs within their homes.

As a result, more and more clients are demanding bespoke workspace within the home. Each individual’s working style differs vastly and we aim to create work spaces that are tailored entirely to each client’s needs.

Personally, I work between our design studios in Walton Street, London from Monday to Wednesday and from my home in Oxfordshire for the rest of the week, as well as travelling between our new shop in Doha and various interior design projects all over the world. It is important that I am always contactable and have a fast internet connection for downloading large files including many high-resolution images and video content. I spend each day in meetings with clients and important suppliers and on-site, so my evenings (after my children are in bed) are spent catching up on emails and other work. I find my tablet in particular is essential for this because the large screen experience means I can more easily review documents and designs. I like to have a clear, serene space for work that is free from clutter and feels highly organised.

It is fundamental to tailor the design to the client’s personal style as well as meeting their professional needs. Within a recent project, we created a bespoke office space to house the client’s four computer screens necessary to conduct his finance business from his Knightsbridge home. The client requested a masculine yet intimate space which was achieved with a bespoke desk crafted from black stained oak, nickel and slate with no wires visible to ensure a sleek, understated space.

In London, where space is notoriously in short supply, we have found one solution to fulfil a request for work space is to create an unobtrusive desk area in a hallway. We created the desk with beautiful joinery made from grey stained ash with leather insets to match the chairs and ample storage space concealing printers and wires to make the most of an otherwise redundant space.

As well as saving money on the commute and the increased flexibility homeworking brings, it has been suggested that the presence of a home office raises the value of properties between £2,000 and £80,000 – I am sure this will continue to be a trend as 4G is rolled out in the UK and conditions for home-working are made even more attractive.

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