Top Tips for unleashing the Mega Trends

1. Make Big Data and IoT part of your data strategy 4 out of 5 believe that Big Data, IoT and Cloud are all interconnected and that it’s important for organisations to have a single strategy that covers all of these technologies… but fewer than half (41%) currently even have a formal data strategy. Where strategies do exist they rarely cover IoT or Big Data. Concentrate on building your business case around the benefits of using IoT and Big Data to create a better customer experience, alongside efficiency savings and improved agility.

2. Get senior management to champion it The power of data and analytics is profoundly altering the business landscape – however our research shows that senior management is not engaged in these technologies.. Finding a “champion” from senior management is critical for success – especially considering that Big Data and IoT typically span a wide range of functions. Appeal to the board by focusing on the “bottom line” benefits that can be gained – especially greater operational efficiencies, higher productivity and better customer understanding & responsiveness.

3. Provide training for everyone, even top stakeholders Fewer than half of IT decision makers say they have a good understanding of how IoT) or Big Data work – which is clearly hampering implementation. But don’t despair – there’s a lot you can do to educate yourself and your organisation. Conferences, online courses, e-books and beginners guides can all be found online. Also, don’t be afraid to speak to your tech/ communications suppliers to get their perspective. Why not pull the learnings together as an easily accessible wiki or cloud-based learning tool for the whole team?

4. Enhance IoT with Cloud Computing and Big Data analytics These 3 technologies go hand-in-hand. Cloud Computing will provide an efficient storage solution for all the data produced by the IoT, and Big Data analytics offers a way to extract maximum benefit from the data you collect and store in the Cloud. Storing and moving data are the biggest challenges to reaping the benefits from IoT and Big Data, and IT professionals agree that Cloud computing is the solution.

5. Get to grips with security When it comes to storing and using data, legal obligations and customer perceptions are complex and evolving so it’s vital to take control from the start. You need to manage customer perceptions, be transparent in your use of data and position the use of these technologies in a in a positive way. These technologies hold the potential to improve customers’ lives and should be positioned as an opportunity, but an opportunity that is being implemented with care.