How to unleash the full power of the smartphone

You have the right devices but do you have the right approach? Our latest Perspectives Series report ‘How to unleash the full power of the smartphone’ will help you make the most of mobile for business.

The first mobile phone call in the UK was made by Vodafone 32 years ago on the
1st of January 1985.

Since then mobile phones have become smartphones and have gone from solid bricks
weighing over 5kg, to beautiful, streamlined devices that fit in your pocket.

They’ve transformed our lives. Now we’re living in a better connected nation than
ever before. The internet gives us access to terabytes of data on any topic imaginable.
E-commerce and e-government portals allow us to access products and services
whether we’re on the go, at home or in the office. And apps help us to keep close to
friends, families, colleagues and even our possessions.

Smartphones are central to this new era. They deliver computing power which would
have seemed unbelievable back in 1985. Couple this with super-fast broadband, 4G
mobile internet and the cloud, and not only are we connected, we’re completely mobile.

In our latest Perspective series report: How to unleash the full power of the
smartphone, we commissioned independent research to find out how you can make
the most of mobile devices to help your business be ready for anything. Specifically,
we look at how smartphone-enabled mobility can enhance the customer experience,
boost productivity and attract the most talented staff.

The report demonstrates that those who put mobility at the heart of their organisation
are feeling the benefit from improved performance, happier staff and a wider, more
engaged customer-base.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to technology though. Mobility
is an umbrella term that’s made up of many different services and devices. But many
businesses, especially SME’s don’t know who to seek advice from1 – this is where
mobility experts like Vodafone can help.

Research for the report found that larger businesses are much more likely to use
technology as a way to empower employees, improve their productivity and boost
job satisfaction. Smaller businesses are likely to be more focused on using technology
to keep connected with their customers.

So, the really big question is this: Are smartphones central to your growth plans and
business success?

To learn more about how your business can benefit from the full power of the smartphone, download your free copy of the report.