WeWork is taking over the world, one shared space at a time

What happens when you combine stunning interior design, amazing locations and thousands of passionate people all over the world? The WeWork revolution has begun.

Recently we were lucky to spend the day at WeWork’s stunning Waterhouse Square office. Spread over five floors and tucked away from the hustle and bustle of central London, it’s a deceptively calm oasis. Because inside, there are hundreds of talented, creative people working hard in businesses of all sizes.

The beautifully designed entrance leads to an atrium filled with coffee machines, comfortable sofas and rows of desks. Music plays quietly through the speakers, giving the huge space a relaxed feel. Five floors of space open up above us, filled with plants and light from the multitude of windows. It’s simultaneously relaxing and inspiring.

This is true of all WeWork spaces. They’re a seamless blend of modern office and cutting edge interior design. Best of all, for a monthly fee you can work from any of their spaces across the world.

We met up with Joe Gaunt, UK General Manager, and spoke to him about what made WeWork such a great alternative to the traditional office set up.

“WeWork is a designed focused business where we try to create a range of collaborative spaces for all types of businesses, so you can be part of a one-person business or part of a large enterprise.” said Joe. There’s a range of different places to work, so you can move from a desk space in a shared area to a private working booth or one of the offices. Best of all, you can scale and grow, expanding your access to match your requirements, which makes it especially popular with entrepreneurs.

And the office isn’t just beautifully designed for the sake of it – this is design with purpose, creating clusters of seating and collaboration-friendly kitchens on every floor. The whole building has been engineered to create moments where people can either find their focus or go and discover a new friend or colleague; many of WeWork members have networked together and gone on to do business with one another.

This is aided by the in-house mobile app, which connects all the members from every global WeWork space together through smart devices, letting them book rooms, talk to other members from all over the world or find out about cool events like free yoga on Wellness Wednesdays

“Our app connects over 100,000 people to do business together. You could be a freelancer in Shanghai and you could connect with someone in London who needs help with their brand.” said Joe. “People love using our app and they love the fact they’ve got that connectivity.”

Joe’s Top advice for productive working in a shared space

1. “Know how you like to work.” If you like a private space then go to a quiet area and close yourself off. Use the space as it’s been designed – if you expect silence in a shared space because you need to focus then you’re going to be disappointed.

2. “Change it up.” If you’ve been sat in front of a computer for a few hours then get up, stretch your legs and move around. Go to a communal area and have a chat with colleagues (or those sharing your space) or head out to a coffee shop to clear your head.

3. “Go and have interactions.” Throw yourself into whatever is going on around you. Whether it’s a chat while you’re making coffee or saying hello in the lift on your way in, you never know whether you might be talking to a new friend or business prospect.

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