Why put mobile at the heart of your business?

Businesses who embrace mobile and put it at the heart of their business are more successful and have more freedom to work flexibly. Find out why in our infographic.

The way we do business has been transformed by mobile devices. While most businesses have embraced digital and mobile as a way to reach out to customers, many have yet to take a mobile first approach to the way they run their business.

Companies which integrate best-practice mobile solutions saw higher revenue growth. Mobile solutions aren’t just the latest handsets and devices, but also how people use them and interact them. For example, the use of mobile means employees are able to work remotely with the right devices. Mobility = flexibility.

Employees who were able to use flexible working – working where and how suited them best – reported an improvement in their productivity. Unsurprisingly the businesses then saw a significant boost in profiles.

Recently Vodafone won the P3 Mobile Benchmark Awards 2016 for calls and data, so check out the infographic below to find out what that could mean for your digital business: