7 ways your smartphone can change your business

Top tips to unleash the power of the smartphone for your business – boosting productivity, enhancing the customer experience and enticing new talent.

1 REVIEW your business’s online presence. Check you are able to convert interest into sales at every touchpoint – especially if your site appears on mobile devices.
And it’s crucial to get the formats right, with all the correct specifications, especially
when re-sizing from online to mobile dimensions. Then analyse your customer data.
Ask whether they can they easily find you online? Are you providing the information
and tools they need? The more you know, the better you can target and engage your
customers – both current and potential.
2 INVEST in smartphone-enabled real-time digital communication channels.
Provide employees with smartphones equipped for real-time communication and
collaboration. Any business that wants to grow must be ‘always on’.
3 DELIGHT customers through a great mobile journey that empowers them.
That means informing decisions/purchases with real-time, location-relevant,
communications and promotions using appropriate smartphone technologies.
Ask yourself how those technologies (for example, virtual and augmented reality)
can be beneficially and creatively applied to your business? The better and more
memorable the experience, the more likely customers are to promote your brand.
4 CREATE conversations and showcase products and services through social
Use Facebook and Twitter, which can be accessed on a smartphone.
5 STREAMLINE processes and administration. Smartphones with task-specific apps
can be used to monitor stock levels, triggering automatic replenishment, remotely
access information, complete forms, etcetera – all without the need to go back to a
desk or office. This saves time and money while boosting productivity.
6 ATTRACT the most talented staff. For millennials, smartphones are the new careers fairs. Choose the right channels such as LinkedIn and job search engines to recruit the
very best the generation has to offer. These are the people who are going to engage
your customers. And when talking to them, make sure your content is relevant and
tailored to the social platform you are using. One size does not fit all.
7 EMPOWER employees to work how and when they want to. Using new technology
to help them work flexibly is not only good for morale and business growth, but comes
with the bonus of reducing fixed office costs. Think ‘smart’ office and reap the rewards
of using square footage more efficiently.
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