Write for Us

Your Ready Business is a platform for business enthusiasts and business owners to grow their businesses. We cater to a large audience from all across the world. What this really means is that we need to keep track of all the happenings across the world in order to provide the best content for our readers. 

So if you’re looking forward to providing the best content, we need our writers to be the best of the best. Our hiring process is not simple, but once we bring you into our team, be rest assured that you are in for a wonderful journey together. 

At this time we are continuously growing and we are looking forward to hiring more writers into our team. If you are looking forward to writing for us, all you need to do is contact us – and we will take things forward from there. 

But why do you really want to write for us? 

Is it for the money? Or is it for the fact that you have a passion for writing? Or is it for the fact that you really want to explore the business world? 

Whatever the reason be, we pay equal importance to each and every reason as you share. For us, every reason counts, and every reason is valid. Perfect. And value each and every reason that you might have for joining us. But all you need to do is to prove it to us that you really belong here. 

So what can we expect your day-to-day to be like? 

As a writer with us, you will be expected to go through multiple documents which have been provided to you by our research team. The research team is highly proficient enough in performing the primary and secondary research. That will keep you a step ahead in your writing journey. 

As you get all the detailed documents of the interviews, your next step starts with going through the interviews and finding out what is it that really makes the cut. After you go through all the interview documentation, we expect you to build your own opinions out of them and start creating your first draft. Your first draft after ready gets on to be verified by our editor-in-chief. As the editor-in-chief makes recommendations and suggests changes, we expect you to take the feedback and make the necessary changes, before sending it in for the final review. 

In the last stage, once your document is finally approved as a writer, we expect you to publish it on our portal following the SEO guidelines, as shared by the marketing team. As a part of the writing process, we also would be very happy to see you sharing the article written by you over the social media pages. 

If you have read up here, we have very much sure that you would love to join us by now. If you think that you have the right intent and the credibility to be a part of our family, don’t think twice and drop in the message over our contact details. 

If we believe that you really have it in you, then we would surely love to get back to, you know, a little bit further and probably share an assignment for you to get back to us, at the earliest. 

If that sounds great to you, maybe we should catch up!