ABF Tracking

ABF Tracking: Learn A to Z of the Tracking Service

ABF stands as one of the most reliable freight service platforms. ABF provides LTL freight services throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. The USA-based organization, originally located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, is a major part of ArcBest Corporation and was established in 1923. At today’s date, ABF tracking works as the customers’ first choice whenever it comes to selecting a consignment carrier company.

In 1997, ABF Freight System opened U Pack, through which customers were able to rent a shipping container and load their required space. ABF’s responsibility was to deliver it to the destination. What began its journey with a single truck over a century ago has grown into a major shipping company in 2024. Now, customers can use ABF tracking services the moment the consignment is shipped.

ABF Tracking Works the Best!

With over 22,000 trailers, more than 4,000 tractors, and 7,000 drivers working round the clock from around 240 service centres, ABF Freight works throughout the 50 states in the continent. The widespread network of ABF passages more than 20,000 LTL consignments every day.

Get 100% Customer Satisfaction with ABF Tracking

U Pack has been a great addition to ABF’s shipment system. As its biggest residential storage arm, ABF managed to deliver 1 million+ consignments to numerous destinations across the continent. Customers from all around the USA, including Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii across the border in Canada, all have applauded the company for ABF’s remarkable services.

Because of its astounding quality services, ABF tracking and freight system has been awarded with several recognitions. They include:

  • The ATA’s Excellence in Claims and Loss Prevention Award
  • American Trucking Association President’s Trophy
  • The Excellence in Security Award

Still, Wondering Why You Should Choose ABF?

Not just for ABF tracking, but there are several factors you must consider before finalizing the service provider that will deliver your LTL freight. ABF offers –

  • Efficient freight handling
  • 100% secure delivery
  • Skilled professional staff to maintain the freight
  • Real-time consignment tracking
  • On-time delivery

ABF has been working for over 100 Years!

As a shipment system that has been working in the industry for more than a century, ABF’s transportation includes a wide range of business solutions. They consist of –

  • LTL
  • Volume LTL
  • Vendor Compliance
  • Time-Critical Express Delivery
  • Final-Mile Options

ABF lets customers monitor consignment transportation procedures through its efficient tracking options. ABF tracking system works on real real-time basis, so customers can positively rest. They get to know that the freight is safe while on the road.

How does ABF Tracking Work?

Customers can track their shipment by simply browsing the ArcBest website. All they have to do is to enter the PRO number or the U-pack tracking number. The site will automatically show the consignment’s status at that moment.

ABF tracking tool works 24/7, so customers can monitor their packages whenever they wish to. Its advanced technology provides live updates of transportation. In case, there is any query regarding the tracking or delivery, you can easily reach out to them through the email services at customerservice@arcb.com.

Detailed Guide to ABF Tracking

There is more than one way that lets the customers complete ABF tracking successfully. Take a look!

Through ABF’s mobile website:

ABF integrated advanced technology to let the customers get maximum experience with package tracking, no matter the size of the bulk. You, as an ABF customer, are allowed to know the exact location of your freight at any time of the day. All you need to do is to visit ABF’s mobile website and select “Track Shipments.”

Now, you have to enter the ABF PRO number that has been sent to you at the time of booking the shipment.

Also, you can use the BOL (Bill of Lading) to track the package. The BOL mentions each and every data regarding the consignment including the commodities as well as payment information and consignor name. It can be viewed as a contract between the customer and carrier.

To track through ABF BOL, all you need to do is select the “BOL#” option listed in the drop-down menu. Just put in the ABF BOL number and “Track.”

Through ArcBest website:

As the parent company of ABF, ArcBest allows all ABF customers to use its website to track shipments. It is an even more simple way as ABF tracking needs only the PRO number. Just enter the ABF PRO number and select “Track Shipment”, and the page will show all important data about the freight, such as package status, pickup time, estimated delivery date, freight origin, and destination.

Facing an Issue with ABF Tracking?

In case, there is an error while tracking the freight, you must not worry. It can happen because of entering the wrong ABF PRO number. Generally, it takes some time to put in the details of your LTL shipment in the ABF system.

In this situation, you need to wait a few moments and track again. A few hours would give the carrier enough time to arrange details and enable tracking. Also, you must get a hold of the driver’s contact to be on the safe side.

Does ABF Tracking Provide Delivery Proof?

ArcBest offers an advanced “Document Retrieval” tool to all ABF customers. You, as an ABF freight customer, are allowed to use this tool and receive every necessary data regarding the consignment.

Simply, go to the tool page and log in. You will have to enter the shipment reference number to access the details. Customers can easily view and print all essential information from here, including:

  • Packing list
  • Freight Weight Approval
  • Customs Data
  • Signed BOL
  • Delivery Receipt

Reach Out to Customer Service & Resolve Issues with ABF Tracking

ABF’s customer support offers competent and 100% effective service to customers all over the world. In case, customers face any issue regarding terminal lookup, operating hours, ABF tracking, or any query about consignments, the experts are always ready with solutions!

ABF Freight Customer Service works Monday to Friday (7 a.m. – 7 p.m. CST) and Saturday (9 a.m. – 4 p.m. CST.)

You can always reach out to ABF Customer Support at 844-594-3077 for emergencies.