Amazon Smile Login

Amazon Smile Login: Get Started!

Amazon Smile is an easy and effortless way for you to contribute to your preferred charitable organization with each purchase you make and with no additional cost on your part. Shopping on Amazon Smile (smile. amazon. com) is identical to shopping on Amazon in terms of the low prices, the vast choice of products, and the easy shopping process. com, and there is the added advantage that Amazon will make a contribution to your chosen charity for each of your purchases. This article will provide you with the necessary instructions on how to access Amazon Smile login and use it to make donations for the cause of your choice.

What is Amazon Smile?

Smile Amazon is a gesture of philanthropy by Amazon that enables the clients to donate to their preferred nonprofit organizations voluntarily. Amazon Smile allows you to shop from Amazon. This means that when you buy the products in the participating stores, 5% of the amount you spent is given to a charity of your choice. The program covers almost all categories of products that are available on Amazon and provides the same price and essential features, such as Amazon Prime.

If you want to give a donation in support of education, health, wildlife and any other cause or program you wish, Amazon Smile is your place. It means they are telling you that even though your contributions may seem small they can have a huge aggregate impact.

Amazon Smile Login Steps

Starting with Amazon Smile login is simple. Follow these steps to log in and start shopping with a purpose:

  1. Visit Amazon Smile: Go to your web browser and type smile. amazon. com.
  2. Sign In: You will need to login with your existing Amazon account. If you are a new user, you will need to sign up for an Amazon account first. The login procedure is the same as that of the main Amazon website. All you have to do is to input your email and password linked to your Amazon account.
  3. Select Your Charity: Upon logging into the application, choose a charitable organization of your choice. There are over a million organizations to choose from which are eligible 501(c)(3) public charitable organizations. It is also possible to search for a certain charity organization by its name if you already have one in mind. The other option is to go through categories with the intention of selecting a category that suits you.
  4. Start Shopping: Once you have chosen the charity of your choice, continue shopping on Amazon as usual. Do not forget to begin with smile. amazon. com to make sure that any purchase you make goes towards helping the cause.
  5. Verify Your Selection: Confirm this at the top of the page near the Amazon logo, it should indicate Supporting [Your Charity Name] to guarantee that the portion of the purchase price will go to the charity of your choice.

How to Shop via Amazon Smile

  1. Bookmark Amazon Smile: For simplicity, bookmark smile. amazon. com in your browser. This way, each time you plan to shop on Amazon, the platform will encourage you to use the Amazon Smile portal.
  2. Amazon Smile in the App: Even the Amazon app user, he or she does not lose the chance to use the Amazon Smile login. Launch the app, navigate to the home screen, find the “Settings” tab, and then the “Amazon Smile” option; enable Amazon Smile as instructed here. However, do not forget that this setting requires renewal. Do it twice a year.
    • Launch the Amazon Shopping application on your portable device.
    • Go to the option of the three horizontal lines (☰) and click on “Settings.”
    • Click on the ‘AmazonSmile’ button and you will learn how to activate AmazonSmile on your mobile device.
  3. Eligible Products: Moreover not all products can be donated. Products eligible for Amazon Smile donation are identified by the text “Eligible for Amazon Smile login donation” on the product pages. This is indicated below the product price. Sometimes the donation amount feels insignificant but donating lunch money weekly can provide significant support over the year.
  4. Amazon Prime Benefits: Your other Prime benefits do not change when shopping through Amazon Smile; you continue to enjoy your two-day shipping, Prime Video, and much more. This implies that you will not lose any of the incentives that come with the rewards you cherish most while participating in charitable organizations.
  5. Seasonal and Promotional Shopping: Amazon Smile should be used for all Amazon purchases, especially during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday season, and Prime Day. Such shopping peaks can help you boost the overall amount of the donation to the preferred charity organization.

Additional Tips for Using Amazon Smile

  • Set a Browser Extension: Some browser extensions are known to provide and redirect the user to Amazon Smile login when the user types ‘Amazon. com’. This way, you will never fail to use the charitable platform
  • Spread the Word: Recommend supporting Amazon Smile to friends and close ones. The more the traffic in shopping through the platform leads to increased donations to charitable organizations
  • Track Your Impact: Information about donations made by Amazon Smile to the respective charity is provided. Occasionally, find out how much you have spent shopping.


Amazon Smile can be useful in supporting charities of your choice without having to spend more funds. Just by shopping with a smile. amazon. If you happen to order from or turn on Amazon Smile login within the Amazon app, this can benefit a great deal. The small percentage that people give from each purchase may be considered small but when the figures are combined they greatly aid the charitable organizations. Do not forget to log in with a Smile account to maximize your contribution to your preferred cause.


1. How to update the charity on Amazon Smile? 

To change your charity, go to smile. amazon. go to the com website, enter the account, and in the “Your Account,” click on the “Change your Charity” link, where you can select a new charity.

2. Can I use my existing Amazon account to set up an Amazon Smile account? 

Indeed, once enrolled in Amazon Smile, you can use your normal account. It is important to note that there is no need to come up with a new account. To use it one only has to log into a smile. amazon. com.

3. Does Amazon Smile donate to charities on all the purchases made through the Amazon platform? 

However, not every purchase qualifies for the scheme. Please note that only products designated “Eligible for Amazon Smile donation” on the product description page will credit your selected charity.

4. Is it free to use Amazon Smile? 

No, shopping on Amazon Smile doesn’t cost any money.

5. How much do they contribute through the Amazon Smile program? 

Amazon donates 0.5 % of the purchase price of our eligible products to the charity of your choice.