The business landscape is changing

Based on a survey of over one thousand UK business leaders, ‘Only the agile survive’ report explores how ready they are to face market uncertainty, growing competition and evolving customer expectations.

It shows the state of the nation’s corporate confidence and productivity, outlining significant regional differences. It also reveals that businesses feel that they need to rely more on technology providers and get more support from government.

These are findings that we can all learn from. Because, whatever challenge your business faces, you’re unlikely to be the first to encounter it. Across the UK, five million businesses battle to survive and grow on a daily basis. Data gleaned from internal analyses, wider market intelligence and shared experience can really help you take the right course. An informed decision is a wiser decision.

Crucially, the research shows that the biggest barrier to the success of all businesses, both young and old, is competition due to the boom in the business birth- rate. Which means that to be successful, businesses must be agile – continuously evolving their business model, whilst focusing on responsiveness by placing greater emphasis on their technology strategy and the intelligent adoption of technology.

Now’s the time to find out.

What’s more, you can see how digitally ready you are to take those steps, compared to other UK businesses, by visiting our Ready Business Indicator.