Everything you need to know about UC Expo 2017

If you want to find out about the latest tech to take your business to the next level, the biggest unified communications event in Europe, UC Expo 2017, is here to help.

Every year we participate in the UC Expo, which is one of the best places to find out about the latest and greatest connected.

Unified communication is how we manage the convergence of technology. We live in a world that’s saturated with data and sometimes it can be hard to know that we’re making the most of it. With the right systems in place, we can create a streamlined and efficient way of working.

And one of the easiest ways for businesses to find out about the technology and suppliers who enable this is to visit UC Expo 2017. Amazing things happen when businesses meet best-in-class technologists.

We’ll be there as well, providing thought leadership on the future of work and the challenges it can pose to businesses of all sizes. You’ll be able to hear all about we applied the unified communications to ourselves and became a truly digital workplace. Our journey can help you find out how you might be able to drive digital adoption within your own company and ultimately become ready for the future.

Check out the video for an exclusive sneak peek at the UC Expo 2017:

Douglas Grierson and Philip Fumey from the Vodafone team will be exploring these topics and more in their talks at UC Expo 2017 this year.

Work Needs a Rethink

As the Head of London, Enterprise & Public Sector at Vodafone, Douglas spends every day surrounding himself with the technology that makes businesses great. After 20 years in the telecoms industry, he’s developed a passion for productivity, the potential of emerging communication and collaboration tech and how it can change how we live and work in the UK.

In his talk ‘Work Needs a Rethink’ he’ll be discussing how to make old processes work in harmony with modern technology.

Journey to the Vodafone Digital Workplace

Philip Fumey, Business Solution Design and Innovation at Vodafone, is a digital evangelist and strategist, helping to accelerate and establish digital workplace transformation programmes for businesses all over the world. He’s currently leading the collaboration team and handles launching next-gen collaboration tools to a global audience.

You can catch him discussing how changing communication methods affect both companies and the people who work for them in the Future of Work panel, and later Vodafone’s own journey to becoming a digital business.

Come and visit us at the Vodafone stand number E119, on 17-18 May at the UC Expo, ExCel London. Register today.