Exclusive footage of Centennials in the wild

We go on the hunt for Centennials and discover their natural habitat and what it takes to attract them to your business.

Centennials are young, tech-savvy and ready to shake up any workplace with positive changes. But how do you find these elusive individuals? In our new video, we explore what it takes to track them down, communicate on their level and understand what makes them tick.

The way they work may be different to other generations, but there are great opportunities to learn from (and teach) this hungry, tech-focused workforce to give your business a competitive edge.

Watch the Centennials video here:

To attract Centennials, it’s a survival of the fittest

• They have never known a non-digital world, so adopt the latest tech innovations to encourage productivity.
• They’re independent workers but are hungry to learn from their team, so invest in training courses.
• They grew up multitasking with multiple devices and have perfected a work/life balance, so would be open to flexible working.

Now, go out and start hunting for your new Centennial workforce.

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