The generational gap that became a business advantage

Business mogul, Ben Towers and his advisor, Roger Williams reveal their secret to generational diversity.

As one of the UK’s most influential entrepreneurs, nineteen-year-old Ben Towers is proof that centennials are capable of more than just entry-level job roles. They are capable of becoming the next business leaders and industry disrupters.

Ben started his business journey aged eleven when he began building websites from his bedroom. Since then, he’s progressed far beyond his four walls. He’s carried out a multi-million-pound merger, keynoted at some of the world’s leading conferences and invested in numerous innovative companies – and all before the age of twenty.

Read Ben’s inspirational story about how he went from a school boy web-designer to an award-winning business extraordinaire.

As a centennial, Ben has worked with a range of generations and has gained an appreciation for their experience, knowledge and skills. Some consider a generational gap between co-workers to be a hindrance on the running of a business because of their differing values or working methods. But, for Ben – this gap was his advantage.

On his road to success, Ben has had a helping hand from his advisor, Roger Williams, who defines himself as a babyboomer. With Ben’s go-getter attitude and Roger’s strategic thinking, their differing skills were, in fact, the recipe for a successful business.

We spoke to Ben and Roger about their experience of working together and how generational diversity is essential to every workplace.

By securing an intergenerational business arrangement, like Ben and Roger’s, not only are you granted the opportunity to learn from each other, you’re granted a world of new ideas, perspectives and insights too. Together, these benefits have the ability to give your business a new lease of life. And, as said by Roger, “we’re only going to change the world if we work collectively. That means participation, opinion and input from every generation.”

With five generations now in the workplace, generational diversity is at an all-time high. To uncover the ins and outs of your office newcomers (centennials) and to make the most of your eclectic workforce, read our article ‘The generation game: how to win with centennials’.