How Vodafone helps NHS Blood & Transplant save lives

The management of NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) poses an extremely complex supply chain challenge. Because every potential blood and organ donor is precious – the organs from one donor can save and transform the lives of up to nine different people. Making sure this happens relies on the efficient running of an extremely time-sensitive process. For NHSBT, a mobile workforce working outside of standard office hours on tablets and smartphones, is crucial to making donations and transplants happen.

In 2013 we had 50% more organ donors than in 2009 – a target no one thought possible. We achieved this by working in collaboration with Vodafone. Our ability to provide hospitals with the blood they need, and to match and allocate organs to patients across the UK depends on Vodafone”, says Alan Daly, Head of BTS Strategy and Performance, NHS Blood and TransplantThe NHSBT operates in 90 locations across the UK and turned to Vodafone when they needed a properly integrated platform, and reliable telephone and computer systems to operate efficiently. To find out more, visit