The New IT Crowd

The ever increasing speed of innovation in new technologies has had a seismic impact on the business landscape in recent years, more so than at any time in history. As we’ve seen in earlier reports in the Perspective series, this speed of change has in turn led to a change in the expectations of both your customers and employees. And no one has felt that change more than the IT department.

In this report we explore the role of senior IT professionals in the ‘new’ business landscape. We examine how the evolved IT Manager and Director are required to have a considered opinion about every new product on the market, be a troubleshooter not just for IT but also for business issues, and be sufficiently commercially astute to manage suppliers, efficiencies and business performance.

The new IT crowd are not the geeks in the back office, but central figures in the business’s success.

They need to support a wider range of devices, all of which need to be fully integrate with IT and whose security has become an increasingly major issue. This overwhelming array of devices, systems and applications is only exacerbated by the increasing demands of employees wanting to work the way they want with the devices and technologies they know and love.

The ‘New It Crowd’ report provides in-depth research and analysis on the role of the modern IT Director as well as exploring insights and advice from business leaders and entrepreneurs. We hope you enjoy the read and encourage you to share your thoughts.

REPORT: The New IT Crowd
Download the full report which takes you through the research methodology, commentary from our contributors and advice for IT Directors and businesses looking to work more effectively in changing times.
Top tips: The New IT Crowd
Download our top tips and advice for IT Directors and businesses looking to work more effectively in changing times.
INFOGRAPHIC: The Evolution of IT
The key stats from our research exploring the changing nature and perception of the role of the IT Director in a business.
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How smart businesses are harnessing the power of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD).